Friday, October 01, 2004

Favourite Monthly quote

I doubt I will actually have a quote that I put up every month but here is a first, and perhaps a last, favourite quote from the past month. “Bless tha B*tch!”; from my favourite German lawyer flatmate (Referring to our former [psychotic] land lord), after he landed a swank apartment all to himself after being bribed to leave (like the rest of us).

Well we are all situated, some more happily than others. I am now alittle farther from public transportation than I would like, the Italian Physicist is alittle farther out than he would like, and the German Lawyer is paying alittle more than he would like and well, we aren’t sure about the Italian Lawyer, but he is able to take care of himself in Rome 10x better than any of us.

Ah but life is good/better, I now have one flatmate instead of 3 (well that was a +/- thing), my room is huge (and if i figure in the bribe, and all resulting expenses, I will be paying about 100 euro/mo instead of the 460+ from before), the area is as convenient (minus the 8 minute walk to the metro) as the last, if not more convenient, my housemate speaks very little English so it will be a bit O’ incentive to work on my Italian, nice kitchen, and tha sweetie should be gettin’ next week, yep, life is skippy about now.