Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bush, lawmakers donate funds tied to Abramoff

President Bush and numerous House Republicans give back contributions given by Abramoff. Does something about that not seem *totally* twisted!? I mean, would bank robbers that gave the money back to the bank get off? OR jewel thieves that gave the jewels back? yet politicians (all of them) seem to get away with bloody murder. I wouldn't mind knowing *which* charities the money was actually given too... yes yes, two democrats have been implicated (one not so sure about) and they should be buried along with all the corrupt Republicans. But what bothers me even more (if thats possible) is that these funds helped create a republican majority (not to mention what Delay has been doing in his Texas redistricting scam) maybe we should hold elections, now, for all the Abramoff recipients and see who gets voted for.