Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fiscal responsibility (or the lack thereof)

I was browsing through my news feed and came across this Washington Post article that said “Campaign aides of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John F. Kerry (news, bio, voting record) (D-Mass.) noted that Bush's 2001 budget anticipated the debt ceiling would not have to be raised until 2008. And, they said, the government has run up more debt in the past 17 months than was amassed under all the presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan". Alittle biased? Of course! But just think, if it is *half* that that it is still mind boggling.

That is amazing to me. Someone that talks so much about saving the American People money could help accrue such an unimaginably huge debt, wasn’t it just about 5-6 years ago we had a surplus?!

Now I am not the economics guru but I understand how alittle debt can be good in the grand scheme of things, giving out alittle interest and keeping money circulating through the world economy... but is it really worth the price (literally and figuratively) that we are paying?

With any debt comes interest, the bigger the debt the more interest is paid... who do you think is paying the interest?!?!? I can tell you that thanks to Gee Dubya’s tax plan he certainly isn’t paying his fair share. This monkey is helping (lets face it, its not all him, congress has been helping dig our fiscal grave and then piling the dirt back on top) sink us further and further into debt. Now, for your Bushies out there, saying Kerry won’t help (though I didn’t say he would), I have no idea. I can say I don’t think Kerry would do any worse.