Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Personal Discipline

For my Blog, I tend to have thoughts and, having a memory that fades every few seconds, and then write them down on my PDA to elaborate on later in my Blog. Its funny but I didn’t have to “train” myself it just happens, kind of like my memory and music, I tend to remember songs, or useless facts with no book beating memorization involved. I am sure there are things we just remember and don’t even have to try… why can’t we do that with things we *need* to remember? I try to make myself use the dinky little expense program on my palm (which if I can get myself in the habit of using I can then justify buying quicken for the palm which would be even more useful) but alas, I keep forgetting to put in expenses; same goes with memorizing words, learning Italian is moving at a glacial pace and one of the big problems is memorization.

What is it in our heads that cause us to remember some things and totally forget other things? Having an interest in the subject helps, I tend to remember agricultural and computer things (though not so much the details) better than say stuff about fashion or cars… go figure.