Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Debating the Electoral College

I was listening to an NPR show that looks at both sides of
keeping the Electorial College
, it was quite interesting. Seems to me that it was created in a time when the little people (farmers and such) weren’t trusted to be able to take care of themselves through voting so the Electoral College was created to “help” the little guy (people and little states). The problem is that “Many times, though, the electors are simply important persons whose wisdom, it is hoped, would provide a better choice than a larger body”, a PC way of saying they try to make up our minds for us… I know I know, it is not that blank and white, but it is frustrating to me that when you boil it down, the person that gets the most total votes (from the people) won’t necessarily win (of course more frustrating because it put Gee Dubbya in office). Some more information on this can be found at Wikipedia and