Friday, March 06, 2009

Getting harder to be anonymous

I have a facebook account but prefer not to advertise myself too much but now i am finding that other people who have pictures of me (like group shots) are now tagging me in those photos. As much as i do online i prefer to keep things private like where i live, phone, and photos etc
but that gets a bit difficult when people start posting photos of me (so far group photos) online... grrrr.

I have been accused of wearing my emotions on my sleeve but people on facebook take it to a whole new level. Another observation is that i seem to be almost totally friend-less since i have under 20 "friends" and many facebookers seem to literally have hundreds! I think i have invited maybe 2 people to "be my friends" but all the others have contacted me and even of all those who contact me i don't accept. I don't think i am being a snob but i kind of think, did i ever talk to
these people when i was around them (or did they ever talk to me), does this person have anything in common with me (for the few random friend invitations i have gotten from total strangers), and can I stand being associated with these people? (the epitome of snobbery but hey, there are some folks out there who i view as repulsive, slimy, hopelessly annoying etc and i think it would be rather insincere to accept them as "friends" when i view them in such lights).

Anyway, this whole social networking internet thing is a bit much for me, i perhaps i "just don't get it" though i do see its utility so its probably more accurate to say its a combination of
online-anti-social-ness and not "getting it". oh well.