Monday, October 18, 2004


I miss the old CD caddies, kinda. I let a friend borrow a DVD+R of movies (in case you are wondering they are copies of DVDs I have, being the travelling pragmatist I am I don’t carry around originals when I can fit 6 copies on a DVD+R, plus if it gets ruined I just re-copy them when I get home), when he returned it I couldn’t play it. I noticed a big scratch on it that wasn’t there before… sigh. I have met very few people that are as anal about “disk handling” as I am, it is unfortunate since I like to spread movie-watching-happiness but not at the price of my backups (I won’t be back home for at least another 5 months).

So, remember the good ole’ days where CDs had their own cases? I thought it was superfluous at the time, made the CDs a lot bigger and bulkier than they needed to be but now, especially with DVDs, I miss them. At the moment I would love to have caddies that were as thin as the new slim CD jewel cases, and a DL DVD burner then I could chop the number of disks down and also have them come with extra protection… oh well, I doubt we will be seeing them anytime soon.

NOTE: I did see in Wikipedia that TDK has come out with some sort of hard-coating technology to make it so the blueray disks could be cleaned with regular tissues… if that happens then fugetabout the caddies!