Monday, October 04, 2004

Likeable “good ole boy” helps the stiff aristrocrat

Or that is how I see Edwards complementing Kerry. I think Kerry is smart enough to hold is own in an intelligible conversation (better than Bush at least) but many seem to think he is the stiff, unapproachable aristocrat. I think Edwards bridges that stiff-gap nicely, he is the democratic version of Bush, that is, has that southern likeability about him (which is ironic to me, being from the south and consistently hearing how we are just a bunch of uncouth “rednecks” makes me wonder why many also think of the south as being congenial [which we are, in an unfortunately/overly conservative way]).

Anyway, I expect Edwards to annihilate Cheney in the debate unless he gets cocky and lets his guard down (I don’t think of Cheney as being a good debater but he certainly isn’t stupid), in which case he would deserve to loose.