Thursday, October 21, 2004

They hate us (well Bush)

A yahoo story shows that Bush is making the US more and more hated all over the world... except by Israel (surprised? He is about the only one that supports them) and Russia... probably because he seems to be like Vladamir Putin (whose ideology and legislation I also disapprove of).

I don`t understand, I hear again and again that, personally, Bush is a nice guy, I suppose I could see that in the dopey good ole’ boy kinda way but how could someone that is reputed to be so nice (again I feel the need to insert “personally”) make so many enemies all over the world?

It was encouraging to hear that the world doesn’t hate us (Americans in general) but I do wonder. A friend of mine working in Germany had some German spit on his buddy and start a brawl; I, when in Morocco had a bunch of old ladies tell me (thinking I was Romanian) tell me they didn’t like Americans. I sincerely hope that people outside of the US can see that Bush only represents half of the US (which is still contested by some) though that is still a whole half that still supports him (which I am openly ashamed of).