Thursday, October 28, 2004

Flash Animations

I have been accused of having a fairly twisted sense of humour, other times I just get the silent “OHG did he really say that?!” treatment; to all you total stiffs, get a life. Flash animations have really let lots of people come up with the funniest things, stuff you wish you had seen earlier but would never make it into mainstream humour media (TV/movies/etc). Here are a few favourites, all in good taste (except maybe for the last one). If you are a late 20 something guy you will have to appreciate this, Remember “Sound Wave” the Decepticon transformer? Megatron’s right hand man? Well if so check this out.

And for those a bit older (early 30s), that remember tape loading computers, you will love this (catchy tune as well!)

And finally this one, it’s a bit bizarre, if you don’t know what bukkake (sp?) is then *don’t* bother looking it up… but its not as obscene as the name implies (actually its totally random, I like the song though, kinda indy-ish)

PS You might want to check out if you find the above stuff amusing, its a blog with tons of links to weird sh*t like the above.