Sunday, November 09, 2008

Multi-post what i am doing

I have noticed that lots and lots of apps (applications and websites) have options to add little blurbs about what you are doing/thinking/etc, and then there is twitter which is a tell everyone whatever you want all the time (potentially annoying if you ask me but hey). I am waaaay too lazy to change these things as something pops into my head but if there was a way (a website service?) that can update all the places at once, that is I could say "trying to find a translator to hire" (which was what i was doing all last week, actually my staff was doing the searching i was doing the interviewing) and it would show up in facebook, linkedin, skype, and twitter, or whatever.

I am actually surprised that i haven't been able to find such a thing but thats fine, it just popped into my head.