Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Italian cafeteria goodness

From my early teens on I have had a certain loathing of cafeteria food. Of course when I was little, had no appreciation for food, I loved going to Morrisons cafeteria and eating limp-from-the can green beans, crusty garlic bread that used margarine and no garlic, and the shrimp cocktails (which were ok, but again I had little taste then). I blame my taste snobbishness squarely on my mother, though in truth I am not a true connoisseur; perhaps part of my loathing stems from the old person atmosphere of Morrisons or K&W type places or the worst of the worst quality of the food during my school days (re-enforced by a few years of college cafeteria)… but Italy has changed my mind. The FAO cafeteria rox in so many culinary ways (though still doesn’t hold a candle to some of the other eateries I have been to in Rome), my most recent encounter was due to the lack of a kitchen (refer to getting bribed to leave my former apartment), I had to go to the cafeteria and decided on an olive, red pepper , cheese, and herb Piadina, god bless the cheesey/sandwich goodness of Italy.