Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Finally “Smart” Cars in the US of A!!!

If you are a European (or Mexican) you will probably yawn at this but for us hapless Americans it should be interesting. Smart (A swatch Mercedes joint venture I belive) will release its little cars in the US. They are pretty cool, small enough to be “cute” (if you are of that persuasion), but definitely cool at 70mpg, 8ft long, and having the crash test ratings of a Ford Expedition. I have lusted over these since visiting my friend (who got one) in Germany. He is at least 180cm but still fits no problem in the car, and now I hear they have an SUV! (to sucker us Mad-About-SUVs-For-No-Good-Reason Americans into buying even more Smart vehicles... but GOD I’d love to see pix of it).