Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Two Treo650 Posts in One! (Who says I am not a giver?)

Treo650 bandwagon
Ya know the PDA Treo650, I might have mentioned it a few (20?) times before, well Gizmodo now has a page that has links to all their articles covering the Treo650 thusfar.

More treo650
Tons of quick details on the new Treo650. yeah yeah yeah, the lack of real camera and miniscul amounts of memory are disappointing (the lack of Wi-Fi is puzzling at best) but in truth, unless it was going to go the route of the Samsung Phone/Camera and have serious memory (512+) those things don't concern me so much. For memory I would buy a SD card (a GB card can be gotten for around $70 now) since if I use extra memory I would use a lot of it (wikipedia, games, translation dicioanries, mp3s, videos etc). The Wi-Fi part is really disappointing though, not sure what they were thinking.

You can find a more in depth review here.