Thursday, October 28, 2004

End of an Empire...

That maybe a bit of an over-dramatization but it was still really depressing none the less. This article from made me want to cry. A school principal threatened (explicitly or implied, its still a threat) two students wearing Kerry shirts to a Bush rally with expulsion. It amazes me that educators are sinking that low and taking such almost criminal like partisan sides.

In general this election has become so fierce and fanatical that each side (Kerry too) is becoming blind. People are getting caught up in the “just because I hate Bush” or “just because I hate Kerry” sentiment that they aren’t thinking. This blind faith (or hate) is just not healthy, and is seriously corrupting the democratic process.

When I was in high school I had two (what I thought to be) extraordinary teachers… the rest were much less memorable. One of them was Mr. Aldridge (sp? Its been about 15 years, give me a break), I am not a history buff but his history classes were phenomenal. I have never, before or after, attended a class where the teacher so fervently loved his subject and conveyed it with the same passion. When we got to the part about WWII he would ask questions like “how can an entire country commit such atrocities, be so fanatical”, many people blow the Germans off as being almost insane then but I think that is totally unfair, it can happen to anyone. Mr. Aldridge showed us a film called "The Wave", once it was finished the whole class just sat in their chairs a bit dazed, even though the bell had rung. It has its goofy 60s (I think that is when it was done) elements to it but the message is pretty intense, made even more intense because it was based on a true story. Visit the link to get a better idea about it, it kinda reminds me of the mindless political faith/fanaticism that I see and hear (even being an ocean away) at home.