Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Panoramic stuff

I have been playing around with Panotools and ptgui to make panoramic pictures. I haven’t found the killer scene to make a pano of but I think I am getting the hang of putting the pictures together (not as easy as it sounds, or for me its not).

All this graphics intensive stuff has given me (yet) another reason to get a better computer, using ptgui and Photoshop CS (not even at the same time) really bring my computer to its knees… admittedly its partly due to windows crappy memory management but I can’t blame it all on MS.

Anyway, panoramic pictures are really sweet, the ability to turn my dinky 3 mega pixel camera into an infinite mega pixel camera just boggles my mind. Anything from taking super sized pictures of people (multiple close-ups of different parts of a person) to killer skylines… I love it.

For some examples I made go here