Thursday, October 07, 2004

Too much information... I love it!

Let me profess my love for news feeds yet again, god bless em’! I have managed to come up with a problem though. When I skim over the latest feeds and then use my trusty Opera browser in all of its tabbed greatness to open the story up I have begun to run into cluster-phuct-ness type problems. Now admittedly this would be more of a problem with something that doesn’t support tabs but still there has to be a better way! (Side note: ya know how some movie and music players can speed up the media a tiny bit so you can soak in more media faster? I wish there was a way to do that with articles, so I could digest more articles in a given amount of time… oh well.) I was thinking about something that would make a huge/long web page, like appending one page onto the bottom of the previous page… then I could just use that handy little scroll button on my trusty MX700 then, and only then will I be able to attain news feed nirvana (well not counting the ability to read more faster mentioned in my side note).