Monday, October 25, 2004

Yeah Yeah, Bluuuuu-RAY!

Oh my god its Christmas already!!! Gizmodo just did a breakdown of Sony’s Blu-Ray disks, it made me all tingly just thinking about it. The disks are already a reality in Japan (albeit and expensive one) it has more/bigger backers, will be the Playstation3 media, and Sony just bought MGM (and presumably their archive of movies) so they will have plenty of stuff to publish. Not only that, there was an article floating out there about Blu-Ray disks that are partially composed of consumer-waste paper, and cheap to make... and for all those hard-up-for-storage types out there, Sony has already demonstrated that there could 200GB disks?!?!? Ohhhh, I need a cigarette... reality is getting sweeter and closer every second! Ever want something so bad that you’d be willing to sell your m… ahem. Its just that sweet.