Monday, November 27, 2006

Choir singing and dancing

... I couldn't think of a better title. Anyway, just as i was falling asleep (which normally happens to me in church) all the women in the church got up, went to the front of the church and started singing. I couldn't get a shot of them from where i was sitting so i got up and went around to the back, even though I was happy to see that i was not the center of attention (while sitting in the corner) I did manage to get some attention when i tried to film them from the back.

Singing in Church

After a trip with the first board member (the treasurer) I re-remembered that i could be perceived as a trophy of sorts (look at my little white guy that i got from America) and my trip with the co-operative's chairman was no different. He wanted me to go to his church (where he was also the chairman) and give a sermon, I nearly fell out of my chair when he asked and spent almost 20 minutes saying "no no no no no" but he finally conned me into going to the church to sit (and later put me on the spot by asking me publicly to speak... grrrr). This is a mini-video of a young guy who was singing in the church. I gotta hand it to those missionaries; they really soaked this place with Christianity.

Walking to the post office

While i was in Kerugoya I of course had to feed my internet addiction and the only place i could do that was at the town post office. I made a daily pilgramage there and saw some interesting things on the way. I decided to take a video of that pilgramage but since i knew that i would get more stares than usual if i held the camera up i decided to hold it down in my hand incognito, a bit of a mistake (shakey etc).


While in Kerugoya (in the Kirinyaga district of Kenya) I met a really nice guy Eliud. I wanted to get some pictures of the area with people acting naturally (or more naturally than they would for some strange foriegner like myself) so I made a deal with Eliud, he take as many pictures as possible of anything that might be of interest and anything else he wanted and I would put those pictures on CD for him and keep the rest for myself. Well i don't remember showing him the video function of my camera and since he is in the video i guess one of his buddies switched it to that accidentally. Anyway, i was mildly amused.

Motorcycle Ride in Kirinyaga

This was the first video i tried on the back of a motorcycle in the Kirinyaga district in Kenya.

Monday, November 20, 2006

How Gmail could be better

This is just a short thought but I was using Gmail today and it occurred to me (as I was tagging some emails) that it would be a hell of alot easier if I could select multiple tags from the pull down menu all at once. I almost always tag my emails with more than one tag so I have to select the menu, select the tag, then repeat; sounds too simple to complain about but i get *alot* of emails each day and tagging them (the ones that I don't have a filter setup for) is a bit of a pain. If they could have a tag menu kind of like does (suggested tags then all the tags) where one can just pick and choose from that would be really nice. At the moment I am in a sloooow internet cafe so even clicking on the menu takes a second or two for it to come down, the repeated actions add up.