Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Part 1: Squeezing more info into a day

Ok, I recently had a bunch of thoughts that #1 was too big to put into one post, and #2 Well I was too lazy to write it all up at the same time so I will put this "thought" up in parts as I feel like it. The premise of it is essentially, efficiency/time management/etc.

Anywho, this part is kind of about podcasting, but more about getting more out of your podcasts. Some of these guys like Doc Searls and Adam Curry amaze me, they seem to get a billion things done in a day (have you seen Doc Searl’s Blogroll?!?!) and still have time to do blogs and podcasts, while I aspire to be that efficient I don’t think I will ever get there, however, a good starting point is to speed things up.

I wish I could speed read, I can recall there being a course in speed reading at the community college in my parents town but alas, never did it. You can’t really listen to live broadcasts quicker because, well, they are live. But you can speed up recorded stuff.

I remember seeing something for some sort of DVR, it allowed you to play video (I think the advertisement used the poor example of movies) back faster, so you could watch a 2 hour movie in about 1 hour and 30 mins. I’m not sure about you but when I watch a movie I do it to relax; speeding up news/informational broadcasts never occurred to me at the time.

Just afew weeks ago (about a week before I heard about podcasting) I updated my iRiver iHP120; one of the new options was to play audio faster (it adjusts the pitch so the voices don’t sound like chipmunks, nice), at first I thought it was useless but now with podcasts it’s making sense to me. I can listen to more shows/podcasts per given amount of time than before, and as a promotional plug, on the iRiver I can’t tell it is playing faster unless I switch between the speeds, if I start it on a faster mode it sounds fine.