Wednesday, December 22, 2004

NPR should bittorrent/RSS their newscasts

In recording things, especially morning edition, their 45min limit on their audio streams is killing me. I guess they cut the streams short during 9/11 due to their servers being overloaded. I can understand that kinda, they do have to pay for all that bandwidth but I propose a solution, bittorrent.

Yeah, yeah, I realize that they sell some of their stuff like Fresh Air and Car Talk, I think that stuff should be available for download but that might be another post, this is more another means of sending out content and saving money.

I think BBC is already kind of doing this (Adam Curry said they haven’t been advertising the fact but he has found some mp3s in their RSS feeds). NPR could easily start doing this by putting out their 5 minute summary as a bittorrent. With all the people that listen to NPR online, especially as the idea of time-shifting catches on, seeding a bittorrent should take the brunt of the bandwidth load off of them. They could do it in AAC files (or something like that, not sure about all the DRM stuff, I hate the crap but considering that I only listen to a cast once then toss it, it would be fine if they DRM’d it).