Friday, December 10, 2004

Firefox still not Opera

First, yes I am an Opera die hard, 2nd my biggest qualm with Opera is that it doesn't work with as many webpages as FireFox but... qualms:

First, the thing I like about FireFox, extensions, they are nifty, easy to install, and people are writing new ones every day, but it almost ends there.

That is not to say that FireFox doesn’t rock, it does, and is many orders better than M$IE, but it is, for lack of a better word, simplistic. Now I realize for many that is what makes it attractive (and in preaching Opera like I used to [installing it on friend’s computers] I have discovered that unless you are a browser nerd you won’t use half of the features that Opera has to offer, sad but true), and its not as simplistic as IE but when compared to Opera it just pales in comparison.

I think IE is, like M$ (I know “Duh!”); but FireFox is like MacOSX; and Opera is like Linux/Unix. That is to say, IE doesn’t work that great, you can’t get into its guts, etc. FireFox, is of course open source (yeah!) so you can get way into its guts *but* (and now that I think of it my analogy is breaking down) only at a programming level, superficially it is a bit harder to make really cool changes. Then you have Opera, admittedly not open source, but usability wise you can change sooooo many things, bookmarklets, change menus, adding/making buttons, viewing pages using different CSS pages you have made, load pages w/o graphics, billions of mouse gestures and hot keys, small program, super skinnable, fast, and the list goes on (a really good site to visit to get a better idea is

I know there are those out there that say that FireFox kicks Opera’s ass, but I really haven’t seen much of that. It seems to be more that they both rock, and neither are IE.