Thursday, December 02, 2004

Part 2: Elaborating on the fitting more stuff into a day…

I was talking to a friend of mine, she is Sicilian, i.e. more Italian than Italians are (arguable of course but that is from an outsiders point of view). I was expounding on the virtues of the net and how you could “live a fuller life” (I don’t necessarily believe that mind you). After all my preaching she jokingly referred to me as an “internet monster” which (I hope) was meant more as “you are a slave to the net”. Later we talked about time and using time, I dare say Italians are the chill masters, sit at a café, sip on a nice wine, munch on biscotti or a panini and talk about whatever… and belive me, I can totally get into that, but… there are times (Americanized?) when I feel like I am wasting time, I could be doing more. At the moment “doing more” consist of soaking in podcasts during down time (metro, non-pleasure-walking from point A to B, etc), I really enjoy the news, but don’t feel I have much time to listen to it; podcasts offer an excellent opportunity to fill in the time gaps with useful info.

No this isn’t to preach about podcasts, its more about organization. I am pretty disorganized but unlike some disorganized sloths I do not pretend like I am content with my system or that it works, it’s a constant process.

In high school I would write notes to myself and keep them in the brim of my hat (got that idea from Abe Lincoln) so I wouldn’t loose them, and they would be easily accessible; problem was I couldn’t always remember to look at the notes that I wrote to remind myself, well it was the best I could come up with at the time.

Later on in college I got my hands no a Handspring Visor PDA, that little thing along with Agendus rocked hard core! It had “Springboard modules” that you could plug into it for more functionality, well the module I swore by was the little vibrate option since I am constantly listening to music when I am not with someone; but then it got ganked in Amsterdam. Anyway, my “productivity” went up, I wasn’t forgetting things all the time, I could take notes and elaborate on them later, remember appointments, take notes on contacts in my address book, all sorts of stuff.

Next I got a Handspring Treo90, that thing had a ton of goodies (of course it lacks a vibrating feature which is something I sorely miss), including a keyboard so it was easier to take notes, edit, etc while riding (not driving of course) or walking. I could put .pdf documents, maps from mapquest, on it, even word documents which I could edit on the fly! I still have it, not because there isn’t better out there but because I just haven’t come up with the dough yet (still a student ya know).

I have looked at a few other options for the future, the next organizer will definitely be a smartphone, it would be nice if it (and my mp3 player, or if it could be my mp3 player) could vibrate and beep via my player for appointments etc… actually the “could be PDA” should be saved for another post.

What the hell was the above about? It was a lead-in to personal organization applications, which I will try to write about later.