Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More PDA fanaticism

I wonder if there is a device out there that would allow my PDA to hook up to a computer and then the computer see my PDA (or at least the SD card) as a drive, sounds like a little thing but an example of its usefulness would be say documents. Documents to go is a pretty nifty program that allows one to sync and edit Word documents in its own format or in native word format, this could come in handy say if I have a document at home that I put on my PDA, edit whenever I have a inspirational brain fart, and then put on the computer at work to edit further (lets face it, scrawling more than notes on a PDA [even one like me trusty Treo90 that has a built in QWERTY keyboard] is cumbersome, especially for final edits), it would be like a CD/floppy/flash drive that I could edit/view the things on when I wanted… I am sure it exists but finding it isn’t always so easy.