Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Direct correlation between...

... Between my postings and how much NPR/Tech broadcasts I listen to. I have been basking in ripped NPR newscasts, don’t worry NPR, haven’t traded/sold/kept any of them but God its nice to be able to listen to them when I want/where I want/how I want. I’ve been taking advantage of the sped up option on my iHP-120 and soaking in a 2 hour episode cut between my to and from commutes (about 45min each way).

I have also noticed that I end up with more “thoughts” on stuff other than tech, I have rarely been able to get into reading about politics current events etc (well I can a bit but hardly when compared to tech reading). Now more than before my postings directly correlate with amt of tech and NPR audio I hear. I still read as much tech as time allows, but magazine tech articles seem years behind and seriously out of touch compared to the online stuff, but podcasts quite often are as up to date as the online stuff the difference being that I can take them on the subway/bus/walk… nice. Thanks Adam and NPR (but NPR didn’t exactly make it easy).