Monday, December 06, 2004

Part 4: Ideal Computing setup and Mind Mapping

Ok, this mind mapping software stuff got me thinking, I sometimes wander off into lala land and think about whatever, this time, the “ideal” computing setup. I think this would be perfect for mindmapping software so I thought I would write it up in a wysiwyg word processor first then re-do the brainstorm in something like freemind (which I had trouble installing at first, didn’t see I had Java already installed, will work on that).

The Setup
Server: about 4 drives with mirroring, butt loads of memory (running multiple apps/OSs) and drive space (movie/music jukebox server, and holding two OSs), can skimp on the processor, quiet, wireless/wired router (gigabit? For multiple simultaneous media streams),Slackware with XP running on top via vmware

Workstation: über processor, petabytes of memory, lots of HD space, huge LCD or Plasma screen (+21”), wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, RF remote (maybe use PDA as RF remote), kick ass shielded speakers with shielded wire (none of that mystery humming crap), perhaps wireless game pad (for my NES rom collection), big honking L shaped desk, RAID level 1 with bare minimum 7200rpm 8mb cache hard drives,

Combination Laptop/Tablet: tablet, small, under 3lbs, have huge amts of hard drive space, have reasonable sized keyboard, have at least DVD reader drive, blue tooth (for wireless mouse), Wi-Fi, can sacrifice speed if I can nuke having a fan,

Phone/PDA (Smartphone): Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (VoIP, etc), plug-in ability for GPS (would be a god send here in Rome), nice 1 megapixel camera (minimum, also nice to have app that adjusts screen brightness using the camera), 64megs of memory minimum, SD-IO slot, backlit tactile keyboard, memory that retains info even with zero power, can charge via USB,

Ok, lets hope I get FreeMind working tonight.