Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Gimme and NPR podcast!!!

Oops! I forgot about this one, i wrote it then saved as a draft but never posted it, well i have since figure out how but there might be some useful/interesting links so i went ahead and posted it.

This whole podcasing thing really makes me want to figure out how to setup NPR for it. Since some of the NPR shows are being sold (itunes link) I doubt they will be podcasting any time soon… so I figure that somehow I can get some system of recording mp3 streams from some of the member stations… we shall see. It would be too cool if there was something like RadioShark for internet streams (real player, mp3, etc)… The whole time shifted radio programming just couldn’t be sweeter… if I can figure it out. If anyone out there is aware of something like this then let me know (I think "AudioJack" is but haven’t gotten a chance to play around with it that much).