Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Truth in journalism

Saw an article from a temp that is working for NPR, I have heard the kind of stuff she said over and over but for some reason this article made me want to scream; not because I disagreed but because it really resonated with me. It made me kinda understand more what Jon Stewart meant when he railed those fake news guys earlier. We don’t hear real news anymore, matter a fact much of the “news” we see and hear nowadays through traditional channels (TV/Radio) strikes me as crap, not because it doesn’t sound good, it actually sounds better (these *are* professionals) but because it is censored, streamlined, and generic-a-fied for the public. I also believe this administration is perpetuating the phenomenon with all its I-don’t-need-your-permission-or-approval/closed-door type actions.

I have been learning about podcasting over the past week, its pretty cool but one neat thing about it was how it is totally uncensored. The down side is that it can sound unprofessional (No, I am not referring to swearing, couldn’t care less about that) or be untrustworthy... though I am finding mainstream media to be just as untrustworthy.