Monday, November 15, 2004


Just read an interview with the Skype CEO, its pretty interesting (Skype in general) but I liked his commentary on regulation of VoIP.

“The phone market was regulated so that customers get good service and also to enable fair competition in a monopolistic arena. Voice over IP should not be regulated because there is no monopoly. Today, millions of people and teenagers in particular aren’t getting land lines, they’re getting mobile phones and Internet connections. The phone companies are clinging to old business models rather than transforming themselves into services companies and reducing operational expenses by using the Internet. Soon, most of us will be using the Internet for voice communication, and the idea of charging for that makes as much sense as charging for email or for using a Web browser.”

Bravo! That makes sense to me, but then again I am not a telecom.

And now Siemens has come out with an adapter that has the skype software on it so you can hook up their phone and use skype via their phones.