Friday, November 05, 2004

P2P downloading strategies

I was thinking about P2P apps. There are a few things that I think need to be taken into consideration, mainly speed, availability, and anonymity. For this I am thinking about apps like Sharazza, eMule Plus, Mute and Freenet. It is kinda hard to justify running all those clients but here is why I thought it might not be a bad idea (assuming there is someway to balance the bandwidth load to/from your computer, there has got to be a way I just don’t know how). You want some new Eninem (or a semi-classic like Bobby McFarrin don’t worry be happy [the RIAA doesn’t just look at newer files]) file, well two problems #1 there are probably a ton of dummy files out there, can’t help ya there, #2 the Riaa is out there and expecting you to DL it… that’s when something like Mute or Freenet might come in handy, they aren’t fast and don’t have tons of content *but* they probably will have this popular file, and you can get it almost anonymously (nothing is totally anonymous). Then there is the not so popular stuff, you have a bunch of choices now. Anonymity isn’t as much of an issue, you want it and want it *now*, well there is eMule Plus and Sharazza (or kazaa Lite). Here I have found Kazaa Lite and Sharazza to be the fastest (I think Kazaa is a bit faster but what do I know?) so give it a try, if you can’t find them then you try eMule Plus. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* eMule Plus, the interface and advanced user options amaze me (ok, the actual search options aren’t that great but the rest rox!) plus, it has *everything* you can find even the most obscure things… but they require patience, tons and tons of it. eMule Plus is *butt*slow* (read: months[sometimes]), and even though you may find some things listed it doesn’t always mean they will ever finish downloading… but hey, if it is that rare then chances are no one is keeping an eye out watching you DL it right?

Anyway, that is my 2cents, I am sure there are about a million holes in my line of reasoning but it makes sense to me and so I thought I would post it.