Thursday, November 11, 2004

Death of WinAmp

Today was kind of sad, I saw an article about the downhill slide of Winamp.

I have been a winamp user for a long time; long long time. I was a bit frustrated with version 3.0 but up until version 3.0 it rocked and version 5.x is great (albeit much slower than the 2.x and earlier iterations). Now, they have announced that there will be no more major updates... that is sad, it was a handy bit of software. In truth I can’t think of a piece of software that has as much functionality as WinAmp. Of course there is iTunes but it only has a fraction of the options that winamp has (more than 75% of which I use on a regular basis).

I would be *really* interested to hear from anyone who has used WinAmp *and* another MP3 player and prefers the other player (that is, why do you think the other player is comparable) since I will probably be in the market for a new player at some point.