Sunday, July 29, 2007

Band-e Amir at 4am

Band-e Amir at 4am
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Ok, so this picture wasn’t taken at 4am (more like 4:50am) but that is the time I got up. It was a night of 40F temperatures, a blanket that was a few cm too short and a bed/mat that had a wet spot so needless to say I got up early (plus there were some afghans yelling across the campground at around 3:50am.

So I got up early and after eating a bit, walking around, etc I decided to take advantage of the fact that there were very few people up and walking around (or walking after me) and take some pictures. This is the first place I photographed and I am very sorry I didn’t take another picture later when there was more light.

This is the sides of a lake, apparently over the years this was “created by the carbon dioxide rich water oozing out of the faults and fractures to deposit calcium carbonate precipitate in the form of travertine walls” (wikipedia). I don’t know how to describe the area, it was pretty surreal, especially at 4ish in the morning. There is one main structure there with a few smaller structures (first aid amazingly enough) but mostly there were tents for “tourist” (I didn’t see any other tourist around and only heard about a Ukrainian guy floating around somewhere) and vacationing afghans. There were a few vendors setup in tent-shacks that had an array of things from toilet paper to bottled water to various hardware.