Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Ever doubt your masculinity? or feel a bit cheated? If not and you are a masochist, then come on over to Thailand. That is not to say that I hate Thailand (its got plenty of stuff I enjoy) but this has got to be the "she-man" capital of the world.

To clear things up:

  1. I am a straight guy, what can I say I like women
  2. I have nothing against gays, I know a few gay/bis that I can call friends
Now that my sexual orientation is in know, I will say that when I first got here I was fooled numerous times. From the back they walk like a female, the are shaped like females, and are dressed like a female, but beware! Sometimes even from the front you can't really tell, but quite often as soon as they open their mouths all your manly senses reel and you try hard not to look shocked, "My god! She's a he?!"

You might feel a bit cheated but its ok, you learn to see it a mile away. In truth I have had few encounters and non of them have been with "shemen of the night". The most recent was at a flower shop, caught me off guard, I walk in say "sawadee khrap" (hello) and all the women (shemen) reply back with feminine looking and manly sounding "swatdee Kha" (female hello). Whoa. Thailand is apparently the most gay-tolerant society I have ever seen, I'm not sure why but I really hadn't thought it would be (actually I hadn't thought of it at all). So, if hot looking women that are actually guys does it for ya then come on over!