Friday, February 18, 2005

Kiss off?!

Yes, today has been a pretty crappy day but the thing that caught me at a particularly bad moment was "American Slamming". It doesn't matter if you are Asian, Black, or "stereotypical white", if you say you are American then don't be surprised if someone starts to slam the US. Most of the world, especially Europe, associates Americans with Bush. If you read this at all I think you will notice that I don't particularly like Bush but I get pretty damn tired of hearing people lump all Americans together as "Bush supporters" who support overthrowing regimes, bully politics, and general asinine type practices. He won by like 51% people, so there is about 49% that didn't support him. If you really want to make people do something you don't like then start critisizing them, seems to work. The more the US is criticizing the more defensive Americans (and Bush) are going to get, doesn't matter if they support Bush or not, almost no one likes having their country repeatedly slammed. To rub it in our faces is not going to do anyone any good, Bush is the big bully is town that no one (and in many cases no group) is going to be able to beat up, but if you give the bully sh*t then he is going to deliberately try and piss you off, and probably get away with it. I am sorry Bush is president but get off our (the people that didn't vote for him) asses. Don't slam America, slam Bush.