Sunday, February 20, 2005

Flagrant Violations of Accepted Sanitation...

Well, just got back from lunch on the street. Pickings were thin since #1 its Sunday and #2 I didn't feel like walking to the main street. So the food stuff I got wasn't great but filled me up, the drinkable goodies is why I am posting though.

I think I have mentioned before how you can get "Chai Yen" (aka Thai Tea in the US) and iced coffee around here for dirt cheap well there is a hidden cost. Actually maybe this is a cost I pay all the time but only paid attention to this time.

The lady was making the Thai Tea for me, flies everywhere, and a fly made its way into my tea as she was making it. Not an eyelash was raised, she just fished out the offending insect flicked it off the spoon, and kept going... Sigh. I wish I hadn't seen that but oh well.