Sunday, February 13, 2005

Finally, "fair trade" for developing countries

I just saw a piece about the EU is taking measures (or so they say) towards giving developing countries preferential treatment; that is lowering tariffs etc against the developing countries commodities. I think there are fewer "aid" type things that can help a country along than to encourage its industry, aid is spoon feeding in many cases.

Many government (especially the EU, USA, and Japan) are unforgivably notorious about protecting their own (comparatively expensive) industries from the lower cost products from the developing countries WHILE telling the developing countries that they should reduce their
own tariffs.

Really, its just the big economic powers leveling the playing field, they are just making their own industries compete *fairly* with the industries of the developing countries.

That said other things need to be done as well. Allowing fair entry into these large markets is a *huge* step but they also need to help these countries fight corruption and improve environmental friendly technologies both being things that can get out of control in unchecked capitalism.