Monday, March 10, 2008

Staff Photos

Staff Photos
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No these kids are not my staff (though make no mistake, child labor is alive and well here) but these were some photos my staff took. My organization has way more digital cameras than it needs (though the cameras are never available when we need them “Where the IDP project camera?!” “Oh, Mohammad took it home” “When?!” “Two weeks ago” “Sigh…”) and since the project donors always like to see photos of the projects they are funding I have the staff take project pictures. I get pretty mixed results in that sometimes they don’t take any photos, or I get photos of the backs of peoples heads but to their credit they do take a lot of pictures so out of this quantity they sometimes have a few good pictures.

I loved this photo of the children of one of the families we tried to help, this was actually taken with a 7megapixel camera… but for some reason the staff took 2 weeks worth of pictures using a 640x480 resolution (less than 1 megapixel I think).

As for the children here, I of course noticed two of them (the boy in particular) had reddish hair. Before coming here I had assumed that all Afghans pretty much looked like Arabs but I was quite wrong. I still think a lot of Afghans could pass for Arab in the central region they are “Hazara” which are ethnic Mongol, and there is a ethnic group called “Buyat” and they look pretty western, and then there are Afghans that to me look like Panjabi Indians. I do remember when I was in Laos seeing some children who had reddish hair way out in the boonies and I though “hmmmm, they are keeping up with fashion (dyed hair I thought” but I later learned that that color hair can result from severe malnutrition, I have no idea if that is the case here or not.