Saturday, March 22, 2008

My National Geographic Magazine Photo

My National Geographic Magazine Photo
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Well it was *supposed* to be my national geographic magazine photo but while it came out ok it did not come out nearly as well as I hoped it would. One of my photography problems is I don’t like to be obvious about taking photos and to sit in front of the person and snap off 20 different photos while the person is right there (which could very well have yielded at least one really good photo) is beyond uncomfortable for me.

Asides from the scene that seemed almost perfect I have been amused by the sewing machines in Afghanistan. These sewing machines are “hand powered” by a crank. It seems like this setup would be particularly difficult to use since I would think that one would have to have one hand cranking the machine and one hand guiding the cloth along.

My great aunt’s (great grandmother’s?) sewing machine (that my folks still have) was foot driven, it seems like that something that allowed both hands to be free would be a lot easier to use but perhaps that setup would be a bit more complicated mechanically speaking (and the more complicated the setup the harder it is to fix). The whole human powered part makes total sense though because much of Afghanistan doesn’t have any electricity and even those parts that are electrified areas don’t have consistent power.