Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Digital generations

I was listening to a Morning Edition series (2004-12-01) called 'digital generations', and this part was about a few that were everyday net users who decided/agree to go cold turkey and not use the net.

To talk to people my age I tend to think I am pretty tech savvy, and current but then the little things I hear about make me think otherwise. People I have met (almost always younger) seem to be instant messaging (IM) junkies, sometimes participate in online alter-egos (not just using a pseudonym but like Everquest type things), and game online non-stop... geeze. I suppose it is of some comfort that I know how to do all the above but am not into it (still haven’t figured out CSS, or OPML but in time I hope).

It would be kind of rough for me, I need both, the outdoors unwired relaxation but also wired entertainment (internet, not necessarily TV programming). Listening to formally internet-connected people talk about relearning to find the weather etc was amusing, mostly because I can kind of relate. Me I hate using phone book or newspaper. Flipping through a phone book or sifting through a newspaper just seems arduous. In listening to Adam Curry struggle without broadband in the UK, is almost amusing, just because I would feel about the same way.