Thursday, January 06, 2005

Defrag my life?

"A few years ago, I came across an odd statistic that stayed with me, even though I'd forgotten the source. The researchers measured the amount of stuff people do, in terms of different, discrete activities. It turns out that we do more stuff in one month than people a century ago do in an entire year. And that study was nearly a decade ago. I'm sure it's worse today."

That was an article I read a while back, and it made me think of the accelerated lifestyle, something I have been thinking about quite a bit recently, the "cult of speed" as it is sometimes called. It also makes me think about all the nagging stats about how kids don't do anything but gaming, but I bet they do a ton more than they did 100 years ago (no that was not a gaming endorsement, I play games less than once a month if that)