Thursday, September 30, 2004

Italian food and the Treo650

Well remember my wanting the Treo650? Of course I still want but I was just thinking about one of the many ways I could use it the other day… I was sitting eating one of the mean heavenly Italian sandwiches that are everywhere in many of the Tabbachi and Wine Bars around here, and I wanted to just gush over the virtues of Italian cuisine, on my new little weblog, well of course Ii couldn’t… unless… I had a treo650! (yeah I guess I could have done it with some other smart phones a well).

Oh well, on to Italian Cusine:

Here, plain ole, everyday Italian sandwiches are like what you would have to go to some nice deli in the US. The ingredients are usually top notch, and they always ask if you want it toasted! Note: I love toasted sandwiches, contrary to what my Dutch friend told me ("Only silly Americans are so obsessive about toasting") The Italians are the toast masters! When the above thought popped into my head I was happily savouring a marinated eggplant sandwich, garnished with spinach, and a smoked cheese on a toasted flatbread… how could that not be good?

Ok, back to work, reading about fishies.