Sunday, September 26, 2004

For posterity…

Well the test post worked, and this is a hell of a lot easier than editing html code like I was doing (when I wasn’t at my own computer). As a result I added very little to my page in terms of thoughts so I thought I would c/p some of the thoughts from the old page to this page so no one misses anything (yeah yeah, typos galore, if you aren’t impressed then you should try editing some html using vim via telnet!)

May ??, 2004. Well very little is new (refering to the last incarnation of My Page), it was brought to my attention that my original page (which was born out of boredom, not the urge to impress, an inspirational slap in the face, etc.) was a bit stale and out of date (well, that one of the links was blank, and the other didn't work). So, this page is dedicated to Ms. Chrisann! My favorite blonde haired blue eyed Japanese speaker who was the one who happened upon my page.

It is amusing how many people have found my page, especially considering that i really haven't told anyone about it, oh well ;>

June 17th 2004. I felt like writting and i am using vim to write this little segment through secure shell... not the easiest way but since there is no online web editor its all i gots to work with.
My thouhts today? bunches, but the #1 Is the monkey we americans are forced to call president, and the monkey that just passed away (Regan). I am an avid NPR fan, can't get enough of it but it *really* seemed like it was just another press organization talking about Regan's passing away and every aspect of his life. He was one of the most charasmatic (sp?) presidents we have had and thats about the extent of his talents. He implemented some of the worst ideas *ever* that are now being re-played by our current president. It really makes me ill to hear this guy being idolized over and over and over, HE DOESN'T DESERVE IT!!! Besides every one is "a nice guy" when they die, get over it. I am not some hemp wearing hippie nor am I some conservitive nazi, I am registered independant (but can't stand Nader for his lack of realistic ideas); hard to please i suppose.

September 10, 2004. Strange, for some reason i have totally lost the will to read about breeding Tilapia. Anyway, at the moment (to bring you up to speed) I am interning at the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) to complete my Masters. I like it well enough here, my advisor is probably one of the best " bosses" I have ever had. I am trying to get up to speed on Tilapia (a breed of fish) since this year will be focused on them... more specificly it will be (this is what i have so far) "Sanitation in relation to feedstuffs derived from agricultural byproducts with the eventual goal of developing commercial production".Nothing like a wildman and his fishfood eh? Other news? I'm living in Rome (Italy, not Georgia) and in about 3 months will be heading over to Babngkok.

September 16, 2004. This will be short, but i was struck with two definitions i found while reading some Aquaculture journals. In my school program the words "sustainable development" are bandied around like a ping pong ball, the program itself is notorious for complicating things, including those two words. I prefer simplicity (even though it isn't always an option):

From the "Brundtland Report" - Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future generations to meet thier own needs"

Or even better

IUCN's - "Sustainable developement improves people'- lity of life within the context of the earth'"Sustainable developement improves people's quality of life within the context of the earth's carrying capacity".

...ok then, its been a long day and its barely 1:30pm, so time to sign off and finish up my real work.