Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I want, I want, I want!!!

Ah, One of the many disadvantages of being poor… not having the Treo650!.

A guy that works here saw my dinky (though somewhat sufficient in an antiquated kinda way) Treo90, he asked me how I liked it. I said it was ok, then he pulled out his Sony/Erricson P900… ugh, how sweet art thou?! I couldn’t even begin to count the ways. Was he showing off? Could but, but if you got it then flaunt it, I hold no grudges.

Now if he had a Treo650! (fat chance since it isn’t even being sold yet), then I would have been willing to do all sorts of menial and degrading things to dink around with it… oh well, until a diploma and a nice phat salary come my way I probably will not be seeing it.