Sunday, December 07, 2008

U.K.'s prudent savers feel punished... its not just the UK

I was listening to American Public Media's "Market Place" and they had a piece about how some prudent savers in the Uk are feeling punished and ya know what, its not just them! Times like this when people and businesses are getting bailed out because they were frivolous, not cautious enough, greedy, or just plain stupid makes me feel like all my frugality has been for naught. It is a freerider delima of sorts, i talked with a Spanish colleague regarding the Spanish social system and job hunting also came up, she wasn't worried about it because after she finishes a job she just collects unemployment salary from the government for a few months (something like 80% of what her previous salary was) then looks for a job later... she also confessed that her brother, who owns his own business pays very high taxes (higher than she does) and how he effectively pays for her to sit around (I am wording it more harshly than she did). I have had a harder-time-than-most with job hunting so this blasé attitude is just insanely frustrating. While i was working in DC i lived in an "up and coming neighborhood", which is a euphemism for a ghetto place that has potential, sometime when i would take off early I would see guys just mulling around in the middle of the day and wonder "well maybe they have night jobs", well that was naive, they just collect unemployment (much less than what one would get in most western European countries) and enjoy mulling around... no shame.

Society's inability to hold *all* these people and businesses accountable is... frustrating.