Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stocks Are Less of Your Net Worth Than You Think... if you will be getting SS...

I just finished reading an article in the WSJ that i thought would make me feel better about my portfolio unfortunately that didn't happen since it's optimism is based on social security, something that i still have limited faith i will see when i get to SS-collection age.

I know that even taking into account all the financial catastrophes the US has had (ever, even with "bumps" like the great depression) the stock market survives and ultimately you end up making money but listening to the doom and gloom on the news doesn't help.

It does make me wonder how all these financial pundits get to be where they are, i remember during the internet boom everyone talking about the "new economy" and then it crashed spectacularly (or for me it did) then this housing bubble which was only a surprise in how big it busted (I remember hearing speculation about the housing bubble years ago).

The trick it to keep reminding ones self that time and diciplne should prevail... but its a hard thing to keep in mind.