Thursday, September 06, 2007

Around The Behsood II Office

Around The Behsood II Office
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Behsood II is a district in the Wardak Province that is just about as isolated as Behsood I. I had just finished playing volleyball that evening (the seemingly favorite after-work past time) and thought I would snap off a few photos so I walked out from the compound to a spot nearby where I thought I could get a good 360 degree photo.

The compound to the right is my organizations Behsood II field office, by far the nicest/biggest field office I have seen so far (though I hear the one up north in Mazarsharif is really nice). One of the things that amused me (though I am not sure amused is the right word) is the satellite TV the office has. Every evening after volleyball they rev up the generator for lights and TV. I will admit that these offices are homes of sort to staff and life out there can get pretty boring but satellite TV just seems a bit frivolous to me (as does spending 4-8 liters of gas per evening).

Anyway, the compound is up on a hill overlooking the valley kinda. I never did get the name of the village (left/center) but I thought it would make for a nice picture. The part to the far left is what is behind the compound, lots of nothingness. Actually nothingness is not true there are little roads and foot paths that lead to little villages scattered around but no large roads/town/buildings for miles and miles.