Monday, May 04, 2009

Google should take geocities

I recently heard on the futuretense podcast that Yahoo would be closing geocities sometime in the near future. The covered how some organization "Archive Team" is trying to copy as much of geocities as they can. The first thing that came to my mind was "isn't doing this?" (apparenlty they stopped archiving geocities in 2002) but today i was studying up on using regular expressions (regex) in the Vim editor and found a webpage... on geocities (I guess Yahoo hasn't taken it down yet). After i noticed this it popped into my head, hey, google should buy geocities! Google now has its own webpages for its users and i would think that Geocities would be a steal now (plus google has already taken another icon from the pre-internet bubble age "De Ja News" and managed to monetize it why not geocities?

Anyway, hopefully someone will take geocities, as the "Archive Team" mentioned, there are alot of pages on geocities (including one of my own which i haven't accessed in years) which ind of give one a peek into the days-of-internet-yore; it would be a shame to loose that.