Sunday, May 11, 2008

God bless comic book movies

I was never one for comic books, for some reason I could never get into them. I suppose I should have grown up by now in terms of taste but it (arguably) hasn’t happened. Enter computer animation of the last 10 years, creativity, and the epiphany that Marvel Comics had that there is serious money to be made here. Yes, of course we have had movies based on comic books for years but I think (sorry, no actual research) that the number of comic book based films has started to increase in frequency. Due to the “fantastic” nature of comic book characters I’d say that producing these types of films with all the needed special effects was a Star Wars sized proposition (which was cool as hell in its day but almost passé nowadays). With a move in the “incredible effects” direction (using cgi) with the debut of Terminator 2 and later the Matrix special effect has grown to jaw dropping capability.


For various reasons my taste in movies has become pretty shallow in that great special effects, reasonable acting, and an ok storyline is usually enough to get me to watch something (of course gratuitous violence and sex always helps J). I’d say that these comic stories (which are ripe for storylines and cool scifi concepts) along with Hollywood today makes for really entertaining viewing.