Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Google is a content producer... kinda.

I was just listening to an NPR podcast where the host was interviewing Google’s head Mobile Software design person (regarding Google’s new mobile OS for phones) and the host asked “so how will you make money off this” and the software design person gave some nebulous answer which the host seemed to understand and reworded Google’s entire business model in a way that I have never heard before, Google is like a TV producer making shows people want to watch then getting revenue from the targeted advertising, that is things like Google maps, gmail, Google groups, and now Android are just services (like TV shows) that people want to use (or in the case of TV shows, watch) and then Google makes money off the advertisements.


Perhaps everyone out there has thought of it this way already, and indeed I understood how Google made their money but I never heard it described like this host did, the simplest explanation I have heard to date.