Friday, April 13, 2007

Web page annotation + Google-zon + Wiki-News

I was just reaching and article on TechCrunch about web page annotation tools/services. There are some pretty interesting services out there with a myriad of options all of which are neat. I haven't tried all of the services (doubt i will) but i don't think any of them offer a combining of annotations, actually I can't fathom how that would be done automatically at the moment but that lead me to my next though. Something like maybe a wiki-news type service that could #1 aggregate all the annotations from the different services and #2 take all the meaningful information from the aggregated annotations and roll them into a big, super useful annotation for each link; which would be insanely difficult even for an army of people to do, which lead me to my final thought: what about something like the Google-Zon vision applied to combining and "neatening" the annotations? Maybe even combining more information like using reputation systems to filter out useless annotations, flames, etc. Damn that would be cool and insanely useful to me. I am a rabid fan and use it constantly but I get a bit lazy about putting information in the comments section (i am more motivated sometimes than others) but mashing up something like my bookmarks with an aggregated annotation system would be, well, handy (to say the least considering i am well over 1,000 bookmarks and have to put comments in addition to tags if i am going to remember anything about the link.